Trawl Doors

Our trawl doors are categorised as sustainable due to the material and technology used.
They do not damage the seabed and also help to reduce the consumption of the ship.

XBEE Natural Enzyme


The primary benefit of XBEE Enzyme-Based Engine Additive is the complete cleaning of the feeding and combustion system: from the tank to the engine and the exhaust. XBEE Fuel Cleaner improves combustion and engine performance. As a result, maintenance costs and energy consumption are significantly reduced!
XBEE fuel technology helps decarbonise the engine and reduce the environmental footprint. Gas emissions are drastically reduced: CO, CO 2, NO, NOx, SOx, particles, etc.

Our PurifAir smart nanocoating

PurifAir is a coating capable of purifying the air, eliminating up to 40% of pollution in the environment after its application, thanks to its photocatalytic technology. Among its characteristics is to destroy contaminating organic particles, kill bacteria and create a superhydrophilic effect on the surface.

Sustainable paint work designs

International Paints

We have our own technical department where we have a Frosio technical team, which makes us tailor paint schemes for new constructions, maintenance or painting processes.

Repsol bio-lubricants

Being 810, they can easily decompose in the aquatic and terrestrial environment, representing dangers of contamination and/or toxicity for humans and the environment. The application of these products is always associated with places where there may be an environmental risk; as in the case of non-recoverable lubricants (loss of lubrication) and oils subject to eventual accidental leaks (hydraulic, engine, boxes, bridges, transmissions, etc.). The most sensitive environments for the preservation of the environment and that favour the use of biolubricants are: aquatic, mountain, agricultural and forestry environments.