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The oceans are and will be our great allies if we know how to live with them.

The seas and oceans are an indisputable source of life and resources. We will end 2020 with a world population of around 7,700 million inhabitants and the estimate according to the United Nations for 2050 will be 9,700 million. Resources are limited, so every day the use we make of it is more important.

The figures for fish production and consumption in Spain are one of the highest in Europe. Either because it is one of the basic products of the Mediterranean diet or because of the large number of fishing areas and kilometers of coastline in our country, Spain is the fourth largest producer in this sector on the continent and the leading European consumer in terms of spending. Without a doubt, our future and that of future generations depends largely on our collective and individual actions. The resources of our seas depend on the use and care we make of them.

Let’s make our oceans sustainable


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