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PurifAir: “We are committed to the environment; at that time, we did not think a pandemic would come”

We spoke with the businessman who relied on photocatalysis to create a green lung in Vigo.

“It is that today one thing is not understood without the other: betting on the future of the environment is also betting on the future of the company itself, both go hand in hand. There is no sense working with products that sooner or later will stop be viable because they are not sustainable. ” It is clear to Roque Varela de Limia, businessman and manager of Merchant Union. For 15 years now, this Vigo industrial group with three decades of experience decided to reorient its commercial and R & D & i philosophy to start working with more environmentally friendly manufacturing: “This reconversion will end up being inevitable in all companies” , he predicts and props up with an anecdote: “It is curious to see that before you were a kind of geek for offering these solutions and now it is the customers themselves who are calling you to ask you.”

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