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The Xunta encourages the Galician naval sector to continue betting on innovation

Feijóo encourages the Galician naval sector to continue betting on innovation as the basis of its competitiveness. The President of the Galician Government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, today encouraged the Galician naval sector to continue betting on innovation as the basis of its competitiveness.

In this regard, he highlighted the launching of the oceanographic vessel Belgium as another example of the strategic nature of the sector, which will continue to be committed to training to improve the qualification of the naval industry.

In this area, the courses will continue to focus on fields such as assembly, robotics, production management or inspection, paying specific attention to training in new technologies and Industry 4.0. And they will be aimed, especially, at the unemployed people who, through the training units in companies, will receive on-demand training according to the most demanded professions in the sector.

This line, which will have incentives for hiring, joins another one for employed people: 1,440 employees will be able to benefit from the courses given by training entities and companies linked to the sector, to improve their skills.

Currently, Galicia has nearly 40,000 workers associated with the naval and auxiliary industries, the best number of affiliations in the last five years. “We are talking about a strategic sector for the Community with a weight on GDP of 4.3%,” Feijóo added, also highlighting its very high internationalization, with 92% of the contracts signed with foreign shipowners.

In this line, it should be noted that in the third quarter of 2019, the order book in force at the Galician shipyards totaled 27 ships out of a total of 49 contracts in Spain, leading the naval sector in Spain with 55% of the portfolio of orders and 60% of the weighted workload. A leadership that is maintained today, with 24 ships in the portfolio for a combined value of 1,200 million euros.

Throughout the launching act, Feijóo asserted that the prestige of Freire and the Galician naval itself were fundamental in the achievement of this oceanographic vessel that, with a budget of 54 million and more than 70 meters in length, will serve to carry out studies in fisheries, biology, geology, etc.

The President of the Galician Government also appreciated the new challenges that are already on the horizon for this shipyard, which has two more ships in its portfolio: a tuna vessel that is part of the agreement signed with the Calvo group; and a minicrule of exploration that, with more than 110 meters in length, will be the largest manufactured in Spain.

Feijóo concluded by stressing that the launching of this ship, as well as the portfolio of orders that this shipyard has are a clear example of the weight of the Galician naval sector, which has the second largest portfolio of orders in Europe, only behind the Netherlands .


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