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FAO recognizes the good work of the Port of Vigo

A new way of doing things in the largest fishing port in Europe.

The port of Vigo, in Spain, strives to keep the fishing value chain active during the days of COVID-19.

Almost every day at four-thirty in the morning – while most people are still asleep – the largest fishing port in Europe, in Vigo, Spain, is in full swing.

In normal times of operation, screams echo from the crowd of workers unloading boxes of fish from ships docked at the docks. They carry the wide variety of merchandise to a series of on-site processing rooms, where the boxes are stacked. Skilled workers scramble at their posts wielding sharp knives, with which they masterfully cut and prepare fish fillets at record speed.

In port flags, traceability labels with barcodes are added to each box, clearly indicating the species of fish, the method of capture and the FAO fishing area of ​​origin.

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