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Interview with the Manager of MERCHANT UNION in “La Voz de Galicia”.

Good news: Self-cleaning walls.

The innovative product that the Vigo Merchant Union wants to bring to Galicia is one of the positive news that creeps in in times of a pandemic.

Against bouncing viruses and volatile germs, self-cleaning walls and floors have emerged. The Vigo company Merchant Union has signed an agreement to use the American patent for the disinfectant product with photocatalytic action PurifAir. It is waiting to obtain the results of the official microbiological tests to market it. It is a new solution to prevent covid-19 infections and protect from other viruses and bacteria. The idea, as explained by the manager of Merchant Union, Roque Varela de Limia, is to obtain a certificate of antibacterial product from the health authorities. He has already passed a private test that gave an effectiveness of 99.9% and now they hope to obtain the highest rating from the Valencian Institute of Microbiology (Ivami) within a month.

PurifAir consists of a paint application impregnated with nanoparticles that react with light (the mechanism is activated with a minimal incidence of UVA rays) and that eliminate the contamination, dirt and germs that are around by a natural photocatalytic reaction. It is enough to spray the surfaces and its antiseptic action begins to work with a minimum efficiency of one year, provided that in the room between sunlight or UVA rays. Disinfection takes just 30 seconds and is still active for one to three years, depending on the conditions of the applied surface.

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