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“Climate change must be an opportunity for the fishing sector”.

Although it may seem contradictory or contrary, the fishing sector must contribute to the SOLUTION to create a less impact on the environment and therefore help curb climate change. This is one of the conclusions of the VII International Conference ARVI (Shipowners Cooperative of the Port of Vigo) on the future of Fishing, “Fishing in the face of climate change: impact, adaptation and mitigation” that has taken place in a telematic way as a result of Covid-19, last Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 September.

This was expressed in the first of the two sessions by Javier Garat Pérez, president of Europêche and general secretary of Cepesca, in the first of the two sessions. “In Spain, since 2016, the power of the engines has been reduced by more than 56%,” he commented before highlighting the role of the union in reducing marine litter, as well as the emission data of the fishing vessels worldwide: «They emitted 172 million tons of CO2 in 2012, 0.5% of the total; the aquaculture industry, 385 million tons of CO2 ».

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