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Maritime News

The auxiliary company in the Bourbon sector, with a ship in Vigo right now drives what would be the first unit for this business niche. The company of ships supporting the oil and gas sector Bourbon has promoted the creation of the first autonomous vessel for this business niche. Together with Automated Ships Ltd (ASL), […]

Five shipyards are opting for the imminent tender for eight trawlers for 42.5 million euros. The new Pescanova has only one goal in mind which is to grow. He wants to bill 1.5 billion in 2020, almost 50% more than now. To achieve this, it is committed to maintaining the verticality of the company, from […]

Scientists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) have embarked on a new mission to support the fishing sector. After enrolling a biologist in Galician trawlers to confirm that, as the sector says, there are lobster in the Cantabrian fishing ground, they are now participating in an expedition to test gear that allows the trawling […]